About Us


The College at Pandaveswar is the outcome of a long endeavor and struggle of the people of the area. In the year 1994 an organising committee was formed for establishment of the college. On the 8th February, 2003 the foundation stone of the college was laid down. Help and co-operation was showered upon the committee by the villagers, businessmen, staff and executives of E.C.L.
On 8th July, 2005 the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal granted sanction of Pandaveswar College and on 4th August, 2005 The University of Burdwan granted affiliation and also affiliated by the U.G.C. on 5th December, 2012, under Section 12b & 2f of U.G.C.
The academic session of the college presently function with B.A. Stream with the subjects of Bengali, English, History, Pol. Science, Sociology, Education, Hindi & Philosophy, Sanskrit, Geography and Urdu as General and with Honors subjects of Bengali, English, History, Sociology, Pol. Science, Hindi & Education. The College is enriched with sincere and devoted full time and part time teaching and non-teaching staff including permanent principal, Dr. Tushar Kana Hazra (Pan). The College has adequate library, classroom, common room and own play ground and has been proceeding with further required development, Educational Psychology Lab, Geography Lab and one smart class of Sociology Department. The College has got permanent affiliation by the University of Burdwan in the year 2009 considering its all round satisfactory performance. Presently the college is affiliated to the newly formed Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol.


The College provides B.A General as well as Honours courses in different subjects in a single day shift. The college has introduced Science General Stream from 2015 with Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics as combination subjects.


Students of the college are always expected to be well-mannered and highly disciplined. They should always have regards for the accepted norms and values of life. They must behave properly in the college. They should remember that the college depends to a great extent on them. Any indiscipline student is to be punished severely which may even lend to his/her expulsion from the college. Any one indulging in RAGGING is liable to be punished appropriately including expulsion from the institution and / or to the rules of the Kazi Nazrul University accordingly.


Every Student of 1st Year Degree Class is to Get himself / herself registed with Kazi Nazrul University. Application Form For Registration is to be filled in the College Office. This application Form duly filled in for Registration must be submitted to the college within a month from the date of admission.


Academic Session for degree students starts from the 1st of July and 30th June of next year. Classes generally commence at the expiry of the weak from the date when first admission is made.However third year honours class will begin after the Completion of Part-1 examination of both theoretical and practical.


If a student finds a particular subject difficult to comprehend uninteresting he or she may apply for a change, but his / her application must be made within one month from the date of commencement of classes. Sometimes the college authority may ask a student to make alteration in his / her combination subjects for the convenience of the student.Change of subject after submission of registration form will be possible in any case as it will debar a student to appear the university examination with changed the subject or subjects.


students must attend 75% of the lecturers delivered during the entire period of the course of study to be aligible for appering at the university final examination as collage student, frequent absenteeism or irregularity in attennce may warrant warning and subsequent dismissal.


The college holds periodical examination to access the academic progress of the student in all college examination accept those in vernacular,student must answer either in english or in bengali. Student are not promoted in next higher class and are not send up for university examination if their performance is poor in annual and test examination and if they fail to satisfy the norms of attendance in classes.


A student, once admitted is discouraged to discontinued his or her study prior to the completion of the entire course. however, application for withdrawal of name from the collage may be made on unavoidable grounds, such as transfer of guardian to another place or joining other institution of vocational etc. Withdrawal is permitted if all the fess in addition to withdrawal fee have been cleared upto the month in which such application is submitted.


A candidate (regular / external) shall have to complete Part-I, Part-II, Part-III honors / general examination within five (5) consecutive year including his / her original enrollment in part-I examination subject to the condition that not more than three (3) consecutive chance shall be allowed in each part.
If any of the chance mention above is not available by a candidate within the stipulate period, the chance shall be deemed to have lapsed.
Before the successful completion of Part-II Examination No Diploma certificate will be issued to such candidates.


An identity card duly sign by the principal, may be issued to a student. Use of this identity card for having undue advantage in dealing with matters unrelated to the collage will be severally dealt with.


An Acknowledgement card id issued to each student every year on admission or on promotion to the next higher class. All payment to the college are to be made through this card rules regarding the payment of fess are printed on reverse of the fee card. In case of loss of duplicate fee card is issued on payment on fine of Rs. 6/- (Six Rupees Only). Result of the annual and text examination of the defaulters are with held till the dues are paid to the college. Tuition fees should be deposited within the 10th day of every month as per norms.


Student who are unsuccessful in Degree examination are to enroll themselves as casual student to reappear at the next examination.
Fess Casual student Rs. 220/-, External student Rs. 230/-.